About “Patrioti”

Edi Sara
Founder of “Patrioti.al”
He has completed his studies at UNYT, faculty of political sciences- international relations branch, and has pursued his post-university studies at the Albanian Diplomatic Academy (part of MFA). Then he continued his M.A. studies at the Central European University in Budapest, specializing in Public Policy. Currently following advanced studies in the field of international relations and diplomacy in the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna. Active in the academic circles and political life of the country, publisher, scholar and contributor to several developmental projects and environmental proposals.
John McLean
Contributor in “Patrioti.al”
John is from Northern Ireland and studied History at Queens University Belfast, where he was active in post-conflict reconciliation work. Following his Bachelor Degree, John travelled and worked in Central and Eastern Europe. After completing a Master’s Degree in Public Policy at Central European University in Budapest, he moved to London to work in community finance policy. There, he also writes commentary on current issues in policy and social affairs, and is continuing informal study in economics, history and public policy.
Alban Lauka
Contributor in “Patrioti.al”
Alban completed his B.A. studies at UNYT, faculty of political science, international relations, and his M.A. degree at London School of Economics for Politics and Governance in EU. He has lectured at the faculty of political science in the University of Business & Technology in Pristina. Currently, he continues his Ph.D. at Georgia State University, U.S.A.

Past Contributors

Helidon Tahiraj
Ex-contributor of “Patrioti.al”
Helidon has completed his studies at UT, branch of Philosophy-Sociology. From several years he is a contributor with satirical scenarios on TV programs such as ““Portokalli”, “Al, Pazar”, and “Kaktus” at News 24. Actually he is a collaborator of the satirical-investigative program “Fiks Fare” at Top-Channel. On our page, Helidon comes through a series of satirical articles that make fun out of various social aspects, events and public figures in Albania. His passion is football in the large field, but also in halls. Fervent fan of FC Partizani. If football is played by women, he supports the team with the most beautiful players.
Anisa Vrenozi
Ex-contributor of “Patrioti.al”
Anisa has finished her higher studies at UNYT, faculty of economics, finance branch. She pursued her M.Sc. within the same university for Finance & Accounting graduating in 2015 and further decided to continue her Ph.D. studies. Passionate after the art, literature and cinematography, Anisa gives her reflections about the movies that represent the height moments of the world cinematography through years.